Ford Utility 2020+ Max Depth Contour console


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Product Overview

The Ford Police Interceptor Utility Max Depth Contour Console will mount up to 20" of equipment. The installation of the PI Utility Max Depth Contour Console is quick and simple, utilizing OEM mounting points. Equipment mounting depth on this console varies, with over 10.44" at the top, down to 7.73" at the bottom. The console also relocates the OEM USB/12V inputs for user convenience, the OEM Parking Brake, Rear Air Controls and is pre-set for mounting an optional Side Sliding Armrest (425-2250). Additionally, this console mirrors OEM trim to give the Contour Console fit and finish you’ve come to expect from Jotto Desk. The console also comes predrilled with mounting locations for the PI Utility Console Side Mounts (425-5542/4143 or 425-5542/4144) no drilling required. Each console comes standard with 20" of faceplates.


*** Requires Removal of OEM Cover Plate ***


(No reviews yet) Write a Review