Sho-Me Full Feature Dash Mount Siren 30.3104 Able 2


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Product Overview

Dash Mount Siren by Sho-ME Able 2 Compact 100W 30.3104

This compact siren from SHO-ME fits in vehicles with cramped spaces so that you don't have to sacrifice space but can still get a great sounding siren.

The four functions are operated with push on / push off switches.

The switches for Phaser and Airhorn tones are momentary switches.

Each switch has a red LED light that indicates which siren function is in current use.

Standard 100 watt power for a speaker of your choice. Bale mounting bracket and installation wiring included with purchase.

Dimensions: 1 5/16"H x 6"W x 5 11/16"D



(No reviews yet) Write a Review