4200 Scene Lights

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Product Overview

Powerful LED Scene Lights Vertical Mount

4200 Scene Light: which can be adjusted to aim upwards or down.

Light Head has 8 LEDs on both ends which have 60° flood reflectors which create the widespread beams of light for even coverage. The center 8 LEDs in each light have spot reflectors that produce a concentrated, long-reaching beam.

Heavy-duty, black, cast aluminum alloy light housing has clear lens cover that protect the LEDs from dust and debris.
Designed for weather and vibration resistance.
Includes installation hardware and an 8' insulated cable.
Lights are IP67 rated.
Two year warranty.


Heavy-duty U brackets elevate LED Scene Lights for greater visibility and improved general area lighting.

Available with a standard ¾" pipe-mount fitting.   Pole-mount models attach to existing telescopic vehicle mounts or to a portable tripod.

In-line, water-resistant push-button switch.


Optional Swivel-mount fitting which are compatible with Unity® mounting brackets available, write or call for pricing.



operates: 12 - 24 Volt / 4.0A Max / 4200 Lumens / (24) White LEDs

White (6000K) LEDs are energy efficient, maintenance free, and provide reliably bright light for up to 30,000 hours
7" H x 3½" D x 14½" L (approximate height based on optional swivel mount)

Pole is Not Included

Warranty Information

2 Year Warranty


(No reviews yet) Write a Review