When wiring the Typhoon Full Function, please remember not to exceed 3.5Amps per button. When you overload the Typhoon Full Function Controller it may make a sound/perform a function briefly, then turn off. This is a built in safety feature that will help protect the Typhoon Full Function Controller from electrical surges. 



Step 1: Run a 12-14 gauge wire to a known good grounding location, we recommend the batteries negative terminal. Once ran, connect the ground wire to the 12v-DC slot on the Typhoon Full Function. 

Step 2: Run a 12-14 gauge wire to your batteries 12v+ terminal and wire that into the Typhoon Full Function 12v+DC slot.

Step 3: Begin wiring in your products to the Typhoon Full Function 

Step 4: Program the buttons on the Typhoon Full Function Controller to match what you have wired into the unit or desired functionalities.

Step 5: Test Functionality. If some products do not work, please inspect your wiring for defects. 

Step 6: If all of your wiring is correct and the product is not overloaded, please contact Feniex Technical Support for assistance (1-800-615-8350)

For all other Typhoon Full Function Controller inquiries please see the appropriate articles or go to Feniex website and research the literature for this product.