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Manuals & Order forms

Current Feniex Product Manuals

T3  Manual

Cannon Manual

Storm Pro Manual

Feniex 4200 DL Manual

Fusion Lightbars Manual

Fusion Interior Lightbar Manual

Fusion Light Sticks & Rockers  Manual

Fusion Surface Mount Manual

Feniex 4200 Mini Controller Manual

Feniex Flasher Manual

Fusion Mirror Mount  Manual

Triton Speaker Manual

WideLux Manual

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Previous versions of Feniex Products can be found below

Apollo & Cobra Lightbar Manual

Apollo & Cobra Mini X Manual

Apollo & Cobra Visor Manual

Apollo Visor Order form

Haleo 600 Switch Manual

Cobra T6-T3 Manual

Cobra Sticks Manual

Apollo F6 Manual

Apollo Light sticks Manual

WideLux Manual

4200 Controller Manual

4200 Mini Manual

Triton Speaker Manual

Storm Siren Manual


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